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It can be very alarming when you find mold in your home or business. If the mold is not properly cleaned up and removed not only will your property value be at risk, but the health of you and your family members will be at risk as well! The number one priority is to make sure that mold never has the chance to even happen. Having Bold City Indoor Air Quality and Emergency Services address you water damage loss is a surefire way to make sure that your home or business is completely and thoroughly dried out of all moisture, thus greatly decreasing the potential of mold growing and spreading in your residential or commercial property.

Mold can destroy everything it grows on and wreak havoc to a building’s structure if it is not cleaned up and removed properly. Mold can also have serious affects on a person’s health. It can trigger allergic reactions and cause sneezing, red watery eyes, skin rashes, and provoke asthma attacks. Mold is not only bad for your health, but it is also bad for business. Who wants to conduct business in a building that reeks of mold and mildew? Mold poses serious liabilities that no employer should put off, whether your business is an office for staff or you have face-to-face customer interactions. Call the mold removal experts at Bold City Indoor Air Quality and Emergency Services to get rid of your mold problem.

Safe and Proper Mold Removal

Bold City Indoor Air Quality and Emergency Services is available 24/7, day or night, to respond to your call. The faster that we can arrive to a property that is suffering from a mold infestation, the sooner we can stop it from growing and spreading throughout the rest of the property. It’s especially important if you’ve also suffered a water damage loss, to have us assess the problem and locate any moisture that is hiding from view.

Our mold removal and process includes:

  • Water & Flood Cleanup
  • Dry Out
  • Mold Cleanup & Removal
  • Sanitation
  • Complete Restoration

Our service areas include:

  • Jacksonville
  • Baldwin
  • Orange Park
  • Fleming Island
  • Orange Park
  • Argyle Forest
  • Oakleaf
  • Beaches
  • St. Augusting
  • Ponte Vedra
  • Duval County
  • Clay County
  • Flagler County


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