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Water Damage Restoration Jacksonville FL

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The damage caused by water to your home or business can be severe. It threatens the building components, interior contents and furnishings, and precious valuables. The harmful effects of water damage can be greatly reduced by swift and effective action, this is extremely crucial in the first 24-48 hours of the water damage incident. A prompt response by Bold City Indoor Air Quality and Emergency Service’s technicians will help reduce the damage done to your home or business, which keeps your restoration options more open and flexible. We service all of Jacksonville and surrounding cities.

If a water problem such as a leak or flood water is not addressed fast enough, the damage can be devastating – it can destroy flooring, walls, cabinets, closets, ceilings, carpets, rugs, personal items, and even severely damage the structure of your property. The water needs to be cleaned up and all affected areas completely dried out by a professional restoration company that has the right equipment needed to detect and locate moisture that is hidden from view. From water extraction and cleanup to complete dry out and restoration, Bold City Indoor Air Quality and Emergency Services can address any kind of water damage problem. Our IICRC certified water damage cleanup technicians are correctly trained and equipped to do a complete job and get you back into your home or business as quickly as possible.

Industrial Grade Water Damage Restoration Equipment

Bold City Indoor Air Quality and Emergency Services can thoroughly dry out all of the water using our industrial grade drying equipment, as well as detecting and locating moisture that is hidden from view. When our technicians arrive, they will perform a quick assessment of the situation and start the water damage cleanup process. They will remove all of the water and dry out all affected areas, contents, and structures. If they’re removed fast enough, it is often possible to salvage carpets, documents, furniture, and personal items. We use nothing but the best in monitoring and detection equipment, as well as air movers, blowers, dehumidifiers, and cleaning products so we can restore your property to its pre-loss condition.

Professional Mold Removal and Cleanup

Addressing Mold in Your Home or Business in or around the Jacksonville Area.

Mold is not only harmful to your property’s structure, but it’s also harmful to the health of anyone exposed to it. Mold can trigger respiratory problems or allergy-type symptoms in people – it can cause red watery eyes, runny nose, sneezing and coughing; and in those who are very sensitive to mold it can provoke asthma attacks. Bold City Indoor Air Quality and Emergency Service’s IICRC and NORMI certified mold removal technicians have received the highest level of training and are experts in removing and cleanup damage caused by mold. We arrive at your location quickly and after a complete review of the situation we can create a full plan of action to eradicate the mold and handle the source of the moisture. Our goal is not only to clean up the mold, but also to prevent its return in the future. This means it is essential to find out what enabled the mold to grow, then fix the problem.

Your Choice in Mold Removal

Bold City Indoor Air Quality and Emergency Services uses the most advanced mold removal equipment and cleaning products when we work on your home or business. We will contain the mold to one area, use filtration equipment that will remove the contaminated air and replace it with fresh air, remove all contaminated materials to do a complete and thorough cleaning which allows us to restore your residential or commercial property to its original state.

No mold cleanup and removal job is completely done unless certain steps are taking to minimize the chance for mold to return. Mold usually occurs because of some form of water damage has greatly increased the humidity levels, which mold loves to grow in. Finding the source that enticed the mold to grow and repairing it is a must in order to prevent further mold contamination from happening. Then the affected area needs to be completely dried out, cleaned, disinfected and sanitized, and then changes must be made to both the humidity levels and the ventilation of the building to make the environment less conducive for mold growth . Bold City Indoor Air Quality and Emergency Services is the company you can depend on to completely remediate the mold from your home or office – properly!

IICRC & NORMI Certified in Mold Removal

We’re an IICRC and NORMI Certified restoration company that has all of the right training and equipment to completely, and safely, eradicate mold that has infested your residential or commercial property in the Jacksonville area. Our process includes:

  • Rapid Flood Cleanup & Water Removal
  • Complete Dry Out
  • Mold Removal/Remediation
  • Disinfection & Sanitation

Emergency Restoration Solutions

Bold City Indoor Air Quality and Emergency Services offers in-depth emergency services that help mitigate the damage caused by water and will restore your home or business to their prior condition. 24/7, day or night, we have a team of trained professionals that will be at your home within 2 hours of your call to start the water damage cleanup. Call us right away if you’re in the Jacksonville area and in need of help with water damage cleanup, fire and smoke restoration, mold cleanup and removal, and more!

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Within 2 hours of your call Bold City Indoor Air Quality and Emergency Services can be at your home or office! We will get your property back to pre-loss condition – fast!

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Water Damage Restoration

Whether your water damage problem is from a leaky pipe, sink overflow, a malfunctioning appliance, or a severe storm, Bold City Indoor Air Quality and Emergency Services can extract all the water and complete dry out your property. Our service area includes:  Jacksonville,  Westside,  Orange Park,  Baldwin,  St. Augustine,  Oakleaf,  Argyle,  Mandarin,  Middleburg, and surrounding cities.

Water Restoration Services
Trained and Certified

All of our staff and technicians are trained and certified by the IICRC. They will keep in constant communication with you throughout the entire restoration process.

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